When You Are A Son.

When you are a son you feel a sense of security.You are loved.You enjoy some privileges.You have access to your father.You are not forgotten.You are remembered.When you are a son,you belong. While reading 2 Samuel 9,we find King David has settled after being anointed King of Israel.He remembered Jonathan.his  departed loyal friend.He wanted to be … More When You Are A Son.


Its almost five months since I wrote something on this blog,but my absence doesn’t mean that I’ve not been reading the Bible.I have been following the Good Morning Girls Bible reading series.I have been more active on the face book page and group.However,I found putting pen to paper here a challenge because I got overwhelmed … More YOUR SONG IS COMING


Have you ever wondered whether someone would be faithful to you?You cannot force someone to do this ,they have to be willing! Faithfulness is the concept of unfailingly remaining loyal to someone or something and putting that loyalty into consistent practice, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the case of married couples,to be faithful to your … More STAYING FAITHFUL