Good Morning Girls Kenya

Good Morning Girls Kenya(GMG Kenya) is part of,a Bible study where women meet in small groups physically,on social media or through email.



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For every christian who desires to grow spiritually,Bible Study is mandatory.But many times,we find ourselves lagging behind in this worthy area.

I didn’t have a proper Bible study for many years.Many times,I would look at my Bible on a Sunday afternoon,to understand what the preacher had taught during the Sunday morning sermon.Then I would read a few more chapters.But this would not be done every Sunday.I already knew that I was supposed to study the Bible on a daily basis,however,I did not practice this.

Thanks to God I attended the Berean school of ministry where my quest for Bible study was revived.Soon after this,I started looking for an active Bible study group.It did not take long before I found one at

I liked the method of study(SOAK METHOD), that is used at good morning girls and I have used it up to now.

The SOAK Bible Study Method

S – The S stands for Scripture

Study the whole chapter,then pick two or three verses that are outstanding to you.Write these verses in your notebook. O – The O stands for Observation

Write what you have observed from the verses you have written down.

A – The A stands for Application

Write down how the scripture and the observation can be applied in your own life.

K – The K stands for Kneeling in Prayer

Kneel down,and pray.Thank God for His word and ask Him to help you apply the scripture you read in your life.

You can join us by using the SOAK method above.