Sister With Vision is a ministry which was started by Stella Akinyi  at her local Church in the year 2007.


Having an interest to teach young women,she organized for mentorship meetings with the young women on a regular basis.She did this successfully for one year until the 2007/2008 post election violence which displaced her to another residential area. In 2008,she organized for six meetings which were successful.Due to the shifting,she was unable to continue and she has been silent for ten years.However,the vision never died.

The desire to teach younger women came out of compassion that Stella felt for women.She was particularly moved when she saw a young woman,who was pregnant and had been abandoned by the child’s father.

Having accepted Jesus Christ as Lord over her life at an early age,in 2001,she thought she could do something to avoid/minimize out of wedlock pregnancies.She wanted girls and women to know when and with whom to have sexual intercourse.Therefore,most of the meetings she held in 2007/2008,were centered on Relationships.

With the gift of life at hand,Stella’s ministry is back online and will be back physically as the opportunities come along.

Are you looking for someone to walk with you?Do you want to regain your focus and purpose in life?Do not give up.It doesn’t matter how messed up you are.God is able to repair and mend up the broken pieces.With God,all things are possible.I am a vessel available to be used by God to help you to become who you were made to be.

Are you a born again believer?This is also your place.You need to be in the right environment so that the enemy will not find a chance to steal you away.Your contributions,prayers and psychological support will be appreciated.You can join me in Bible Study.I am reading through the Bible,and I regularly share my observations/insights about what I have learnt here on the blog.I will be happy to learn and discuss the Bible with you.

Come and join me build meaningful relationships,

In Christ,


 I will be joining Courtney Joseph in the month of October 2017,as she shares with us how she has been resting and releasing her burdens to the Lord.You will find practical tips in the journal below.

When studying your bible you may want to highlight using the following colours.At Good Morning Girls,we have meanings for different colours.We recommend this practise,because as you highlight,you spend more time on the word of God,thus you meditate more and the word is able to stick in your mind.


These are the highlighters I use:

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