SOAK Bible study method

We just started studying the book of 2nd Chronicles

We’ll be studying one chapter a day for the next six weeks.

The method we use for Bible study is called the SOAK method, whereby soak is an acronym for Scripture, Observation, Application, Kneeling.

My S.O.A.K
2nd Chronicles 3

I like the revelation I got today, that King Solomon fulfilled his purpose by building the Temple,I also understood very well that it didn’t just happen,he didn’t just make it,God was involved, the Lord was with him.

We also color our Bibles as we let the word soak in our minds slowly. I haven’t been very active in this area because I couldn’t find a suitable coloring pen to use, but this time I was led to use normal colored pencils, actually, I took the ones my son uses and voila,it worked so well.

Colored pencils
My colored Bible

Then there’s the fun part of all this exercise; you just go to Instagram/Facebook and compare notes using the #goodmorninggirls, or #womenlivingwell, you will find so many other Soak-s and colored Bibles

The coloring code that we use

Today I chose to color Orange,I need to go check what the others did.Hence, being part of this community is this simple, you just start and you will find many other people using the above hashtag.


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