Exploring Karura Forest

Limuru Road Entrance

Karura forest is mainly known for the forest, just that.However, sometimes we hear about chilling stories.I will concentrate on the 99.9% good.

I learnt about bike riding at Karura forest from a certain guy whom I had been chatting with.We were planning to visit the place and among the activities I was looking forward to was bike riding.We never met and therefore never went to Karura with him.

After almost a year,I started planning for an outing with one of my friends, our first outing would be to Karura forest.As we were warming up to the idea, I saw another friend of mine with a beautiful photo.The photo’s background had a waterfall.When I asked her where that was, she said that it was Karura Forest!I couldn’t believe that Karura had more than I had imagined, it’s actually a tourist center.

We met at the city center, Nairobi’s CBD at around noon, did a little shopping for snacks and then called for an Uber which spent around twenty minutes to take us to our destination.

On arrival we paid sh100 per person and our bags were checked.Plastic bags and bottles are not allowed in the forest.

There are many trails,we chose one that would lead us to bike riding and the waterfall.

We were advised to start with bike riding since the walk to the waterfall is long and exhausting.

On our way to ride the bikes,we came across Lilly Lake.

Lilly Lake at Karura forest

While enjoying the fresh air and nature, someone made a statement.She said,”do you know that snakes can be in this place?I froze.

With Maggie and Mercy

We also passed through the picnic site.It is beautiful with green grass and children’s playing stuff, the swings etc.I can’t wait to bring my children here.

Picnic site is right behind these trees,it’s complete with tables and benches.
A good place to take photos
Watching some wildlife.We wanted to take a photo of a Bush baby, but it wouldn’t let us,it kept on hoping and hiding

At the bike center we found trainers who are willing to train a person who doesn’t know how to ride a bike.Bike training costs sh500 for two hours.Hiring a bike costs 500.

It’s free to come along with your personal bike from home, you will not be charged for that and it’s free to ride on the field.

Maggie had a little experience a long time ago
Mercy is an expert
I was completely green, my first time to ride a bike

I’ve always thought that bike riding is a good exercise, it’s something I would like to work at and excel in.

After taking some snacks we started walking towards the waterfall.At the beginning,we were just the three of us, me trailing behind.It was quite except for the birds.The air was filled with smell from the trees,dust and some flowers.Their were different kinds of tall trees on each side of the road, making up huge forests.

These ladies made a great team, our first outing together

As we walked, my mind swayed and I started to get scared, what if we met bad people? What if we met a stray Lion? This reminded me of not long time ago when some lions were spotted in Langata estate and Langata bypass.If that was in the estate, what about this forest which is their natural habitat??I got a sense of relief everytime the forest wardens patrolled.I noticed they patrolled on motorbikes every now and then.

As we went farther, I noticed groups of people playing, couples jogging, while some sat on the seats within the forest.

Almost reaching the waterfall
I could afford a smile after a long walk

Now we could hear a lot of noise, meaning we were almost at the waterfall.

We had to take very many steps down so as to watch the waterfall

Stepping down towards the waterfall
Taking a break
Almost reaching the waterfall base, some young people can be seen at the background
When the ladies told me to relax
Notice the beautiful waterfall

Towards the caves

I understand that these are some of the caves that the Mau Mau fighters used to hide while fighting with the colonialists, but the entrance to these caves was too scary for me, not withstanding total darkness inside the caves.I passed there very fast,I couldn’t stand even for a few seconds.I wish “friends of Karura forest” can do something about this.

For those of,”send me your full photo”😄😉

Last but not least

Karura forest is a place I am looking forward to visit again and again.

Special thanks to Prof.Wangari Mathai for fighting for this forest and to friends of Karura forest.

Building Meaningful Relationships,

In Christ Jesus,


Starting soon

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