Father’s Day

It’s father’s day hooray!

If you have had a strong bond with your dad, it could be easier for you to call your dad without thinking twice.However those who have had a strainous relationship with their dads might find it hard to call their dads.

Over the past week I have found myself with fond memories of my granddad and dad.

I remember my grandpa visiting me at my business premise, not once or twice, but around four times.Whenever he came, I would get so excited.My grandpa is a very special man, and you wouldn’t find him anywhere, but he would come to see me.

My grandpa brings for us fingerlings (omena) whenever he comes visiting in Nairobi city.I am used to eating fresh and plenty of omena because of him.

My dad has been a present dad,he has been at home always apart from those days that he used to travel for work.

When I finished fourth form(high school), my dad wanted me to go abroad for further studies.He took me to a certain lady(Mrs.Olet),who used to connect students with universities abroad.She organized for me to go to Australia, but it didn’t happen, I don’t know what happened.I think he was told that I needed to do A’levels.

My dad organized for me to go to Kampala,Uganda, for A’levels, through Mrs.Sabiiti,a Ugandan lady that he had met at a certain work conference in Nairobi.

During my undergraduate years, my dad took me twice to one of my relatives who had a big job in one of the parastatals, to secure employment.I didn’t get the jobs but I appreciate the effort my dad put, I admire that he wanted the best for me.

My dad gave me a fat cheque when he retired in 2004 to go and pay my university fees.I appreciate this so much because some men acquire second wives with such money.

My dad has done so much for me, and us as a family,I can go on and on.

My mom usually comments, and it puzzles her,”all of you children love your dad, it doesn’t matter what bad he has done.”

There are sometimes when our dad wasn’t so sweet, but the times he has been good are so many, outweighing the bad.

Do you have fond memories of your dad??

Happy Father’s day.

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