My Valentine

During January my long time friend Maggie called  and asked if we could have a date on Valentine’s day.I said a big Yes with a broad smile from the other end.This was so sweet of her,how could I say no?

As we began the month of February, I found myself thinking much about Maggie, where we first met and how our friendship had grown.I thought that should any guy approach me then, I would tell them that I was already engaged.Maggie was so special, I had to meet her on Valentine’s day.

I met Maggie in 2001 at a certain workshop in Olympic Estate,Kibra.We made wooden cooking spoons decorated with bones.

Wooden cooking spoons decorated with bones

I worked with her at the front office while the men worked in the backyard which doubled up as a factory.

As we got to know each other, she revealed to me that she was born again to which I responded that I was also born again.Although I noticed that she was more committed on matters salvation.I remember I was struggling at that time to leave double standards and to stay focused.I had just gotten saved and had not yet left some lifestyles completely.So I admired Maggie’s commitment and sense of seriousness on matters God.

We didn’t last for long at this workshop however, our friendship grew in the following years.

With Maggie at the August 7th Memorial Park in 2002

We ended up visiting each other’s homes an hid sometimes workplaces.Sometimes distance kept us apart but we never lost track of each other.There was a time we stayed without communicating for long.I called Maggie but she was not picking up her phone.We were in different towns so it was quite a headache.I didn’t have peace until I finally heard her voice.

When I was graduating from University of Nairobi in 2015, Maggie was not available on my graduation day but she told me to keep the graduation gown for one week, that she was going to come.She actually came to congratulate and take these pics with me.

Maggie and I, December 2015

Maggie and I pose for a photo after my graduation ceremony, December 2015.

I have been through mountains and valleys and I have seen Maggie standing by me throughout.Maggie has always reached out to me, always looking for me and finding me, whether I am on top of a hill or in a pit.The last time she looked for me in 2018, I was unavailable, I was going through tough times and had escaped to the wilderness.

Maggie has been a true friend,a gift from God,a gift to be treasured and cherished.

Maggie,You have been very pleasant to me; Your love to me has been wonderful, Surpassing the love of men!

Thank you Maggie for being a good, faithful and committed friend.Now I know that you didn’t just happen, you were sent to me from heaven.May the Lord keep you safe and bless you all the days of your life.

That’s why I accepted you to be my valentine, and you made me to enjoy and appreciate Valentine’s day.

On 16th Feb.,it dawned on me that our friendship was twenty years old!


We just celebrated 20years of friendship without knowing.

Building Meaningful Relationships ,

In Christ Jesus,


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