DIY Hair

During this pandemic season if you can find a way of saving money, save it.

I really didn’t know how I would make my hair this month, but thanks to God who makes a way even through the desert.

Last month my sister made her hair for the first time ever and she was very excited.

My sister

She told me that she could also plait my hair if I wanted.I appreciated her offer but told her that I had already made my hair which was already  two weeks old.

My hair at two weeks

By last week, my hair had gotten terribly spoilt,I had to undo it.

I forgot about my sister’s offer and I thought of just having an Afro hairstyle for most of this month.

An Afro hairstyle I rocked a few months ago

I undid my hair on Friday and washed it on Saturday morning.My sister decided to wash some hair so that she could use it in future.

On Saturday evening, she suggested that I buy some hair (thread), like the one she had so that she could plait my hair.I told her that I would buy the same color (maroon).

On Sunday morning,I told her that I wanted to see the hair that she had washed.When she brought it,I didn’t mind it, I told her to plait me with it, there was no need of buying the same hair she had, it would be good to look a little bit different.She agreed and she started to plait me in the afternoon of August 2nd at 2pm.

She started plaiting from behind
Then she moved sideways
Then she finished the rest of the hair
She then made this knots to be dipped in hot water.

She then applied coconut oil on the scalp and tied the braids neatly.

When our Mom saw how good my hair looked, she reminded us by saying,”don’t forget that you got your talent from me.”I agreed with her while laughing 🤣🤣🤣,I told my sister that she was right, she used to plait me a lot when I was a child.

She finished everything by 7pm.

Thank God for my sister,I made my hair without spending a cent.

The finished work 🙌

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