Christmas 2019

My Mom, nephew and Dad

Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.Everything that is done around this time revolves around the birth of a baby boy ,who was given to redeem us and to grant us eternal life only to those who will believe in Him.

This year I haven’t spent time listening to Christmas Carols, though I love them so much, I have been overwhelmed by events during this season and I couldn’t even attend the two Carol services in my Church.During my free time I have been showing my three year old nephew some Christmas videos and I have been telling him that a baby has been born.He knows about baby Jesus.

My next task is to teach him the Christmas carols.Yesterday I started to teach him,”Joy to the world”, what a task it is.First of all English is a tertiary language to him.One way or another,he will learn these songs. I remember last year my sister and I discovered the song,”the twelve days of Christmas.”We sang it to him several times though he wasn’t talking much.

On Christmas day I had an urge to go to Church hoping to listen to some Christmas Carols. I wasn’t feeling very well, I had flu.I dragged myself to Church.It was a bright morning.It was wonderful worshipping with other believers and we sang some Christmas songs.

When I came back home I went and tacked myself in bed the whole afternoon.For around two days I was on medication.

I thank God for my Mom who was there for me, she was busy doing house chores while I was sick, and she never complained.Now I am well,yeah👯💃🙌.

What is Christmas without giving and receiving?

I have been so blessed this Christmas and throughout this year.

The dress I am wearing was given to me by my sister for Christmas while the hand bag, earings and shoes I got from my aunties.

My mom, nephew and I
With my sisters
My sister, nephew and I

I saw the following question on Facebook

This is a normal question but it doesn’t change the fact that Jesus Christ was born,died on the cross,was buried and he rose again.The date was set aside to celebrate his birthday just the way sometimes we set aside some days to celebrate special events, after all Jesus is special.Because of the blood he shed, our sins are cleansed and we have access to eternal life.

Seasons greetings to all guys 😉.

Last but not least, will you join me in our next Bible study with the good morning girls?

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