Praising God For Saving Kanye

God is at work, things are not normal for everyone and it will never be for Kanye West.
“Now there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

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Jesus Is King album cover Album cover for JESUS IS KING by Kanye West

During my break from blogging in October, there was a lot of drama about Kanye West coming to Jesus and his new album titled “JESUS IS KING.”  I saw some believers accepting him and welcoming him, and I saw others judging and condemning him.  I wanted to hear it from the man himself, so I bought his album and I have been watching interviews where he shares his testimony.  I believe this man has had a deep encounter with Jesus and I praise God for it!  The Lord can save anyone and I give Jesus big praise for saving Kanye West!  As I tweeted to Kanye the other day, welcome to the family brother!

No, I don’t know Kanye personally and he doesn’t know me.  He has about 30 million followers on Twitter, so he might not ever see my tweet…

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2 thoughts on “Praising God For Saving Kanye

  1. Kayne West is speaking out about His encounter with Jesus, his faith, God and people are coming to the Lord and I praise God too! I think most are being “cautiously optimistic” on rather Kayne is really serious about God or not. He seems sincere to me. The scripture says, we know them by their fruit. He is winning people to Christ which is what we should be doing instead judging and analyzing the man.

    Of course, I don’t know Kayne personally, but I say, “Go ahead man of God, let Him use you!

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