I turned 41

I am so grateful to God,yesterday 19th November was my birthday,I turned 41,whole, healthy,active and still witty.

This past year I have grown wiser and more humble,thanks to a rollacoster of events that have happened this year.

I am grateful for my family,peace at home and in my country,good health,new business opportunities,good friends,etc,the list is endless.

I am praying for families,especially marriages in my country Kenya.Please pray with me.There is an evil spirit of death hovering around.When marriages fail,the couple’s are kill each other,sometimes with their children.Boyfriends and girlfriends are killing each other.I am looking forward to a time when couple’s will separate and part ways peacefully without harming each other or their children.

This month has seen me busy with Bible study.In my Church we have been studying a journal which we are finishing this week, to be honest, I have some blank pages I haven’t filled but I need to.I have also been following the make your home a heaven series(womenlivingwell.org); there is also a Bible study there.

I also started making these khaki packaging bags.

I am also writing a few books.

The year has finished and Christmas is around the corner.