Ministry is Fun and DIY Dress


I have served in various ministries in Church over the years.The first ministry that I joined was the choir ministry under the influence of my dad and brother way back in 2001.When I joined the choir,I wasn’t born again but there is a song that we used to sing in my mother tongue. While singing this song almost on a weekly basis,the Lord used to minister to me .It  says, you are assuming that you are worshiping the Lord but you are already dead;you are sinning and worshiping the Lord at the same time,you are already dead.You are stealing,lying,doing witchcraft,fornicating,adultery,taking holy communion while sinning?You are actually,already dead.


In igalagala nilemoo,engimaaa

    Igalagala nilemoo,engima tisetho x4

Yaye Yesu lwanda biromna,aeeee

                Yaye Yesu lwanda biromna,aeeee biromna x4


After some months,and with a lot of conviction from the Holy Spirit,I decided that I was going to leave a double life and follow one way,the Lord’s way.I wanted to be sure that I was worshiping God in truth and spirit.

After giving my life to Christ,I got involved in various ministries including Youth,Children,Evangelism and women.

One of our girls in my women group invited us to her wedding ceremony.Last weekend we traveled a distance of 400km to attend the wedding.Just two weeks prior to this journey,at the girls bridal shower,we were reprimanded on commitment issues.So the fun doesn’t just happen,there are discipline matters also.

As the wedding date approached,I started thinking of the outfit I would wear,and I remembered a skirt I had made myself.

Here is the skirt.



To read how the idea of making the skirt came up,please read here.

The skirt was too long,so I thought of turning it into a dress.

I added two straps on it and I made a little covering for my shoulders.

Without a tape measure and sewing machine I made this beautiful dress.When the ladies stepped out with their beautiful dresses,I also stepped out with mine.



Items used

  • 1.25 m cloth
  • 1.25 m lining
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • A pair of Scissors
  • Elastic band




I got the length and waist of the skirt from one of my skirts.I put the old skirt on top of the new cloth and cut around it using the pair of scissors.It took me two days to make the skirt and half a day to complete the dress.


Saturday morning,ready to go pick up our bride.IMG-20180923-WA0000.jpg


When we arrived at the Church venue,I admired the simplicity of the site.The building was a simple structure and for the wedding,the Church had been decorated with simple local materials.

Our bride was a sight to behold.IMG-20180923-WA0001.jpg


Taking selfies during the wedding,Church ceremony



Our women group with the newly wed.IMG-20180923-WA0005.jpg

German groom,tall, white and handsome,Kenyan bride,black beauty.



At the receptionIMG-20180923-WA0009.jpg


Being with my women group for three days was medicine to my heart.Apart from the laughing,I also learnt something as I sat next to them,especially the older ones.As I listened to their stories and testimonies,I could only confirm what the Lord has been impressing in my heart in recent times:“to involve the Holy Spirit in every area of my life.”These women have so much wisdom,I didn’t want to leave them but as time went on,we eventually found ourselves back in our town and we parted ways,everyone to her house.

I have realized its better and much easier to do things in groups,whether eating,traveling,studying etc.Last time when I wore the skirt it was so difficult to get some photos.All I could get for myself were a few selfies,but traveling with this group enabled me to get so many photos.

As I finish writing this post,I am thinking of one of our group members who is not in these pictures,we just received news of her last born daughter’s(adult) demise.Now we will be consoling with her and we’ll be planning a similar journey for burial.

In ministry,we are together in both good and bad times.



Building Meaningful Relationships,

In Christ,


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