Your Boaz Is Waiting For You


Your Boaz is indeed waiting for you!

Boaz waited for Ruth.

Ruth 2:1

And Naomi had a kinsman of her husband’s, a mighty man of wealth, of the family of Elimelech; and his name was Boaz.

Ruth 3:10

10 And he said, Blessed be thou of the Lord, my daughter: for thou hast shewed more kindness in the latter end than at the beginning, inasmuch as thou followedst not young men, whether poor or rich.

Boaz was a single man who didn’t marry early and one  wonders what he was waiting for since he was  great,rich and quite an older man.His greatness  attracted women who admired him but he didn’t marry any of these.His riches attracted women,there are women who love men for their wealth,but it seems he kept them at bay.Age might have made him to marry early or to be on time,but his age didn’t worry him.

It doesn’t matter what setbacks you have encountered,what matters is that your Boaz is waiting for you and he will accept you just the way you are.

Boaz accepted Ruth, a widow who had been married for ten years.He also accepted Ruth although she was a poor foreign woman.What you think is a negative in your life will not scare your Boaz,he is the man you have been dreaming of,keep on dreaming,Your Boaz is waiting for you to arrive.As soon as you arrive,he won’t beat about the bush,the wedding bells will start ringing and your marriage will happen so fast that you won’t believe it.

Building Meaningful Relationships,

In Christ,









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