Join Me In A Journey Through The Book of Ruth


I like travelling long distances.I like it when I doze off when the bus is moving and when I wake up and still find myself in the bus,still moving and not to near to reach my destination.

This study is one of those that you start and you don’t want it to end.Its interesting that we have love and romance in the Bible.If you are like me,I am very keen in such books and stories.Another love story I love in the bible is how Isaac found Rebecca.

I am intrigued by Boaz

  • He was an older man
  • He was  rich
  • He was a respected man

I wonder what a rich older man was doing with his life,single and without children.Couldn’t he get a woman from the many Israelite women?Or had he been in relationships which hadn’t worked out.He also looks principled,he didn’t like girls hanging around his house especially at night.

That God can preserve such a man for a woman like Ruth fascinates me even more.In normal circumstances,we find that he would have married a fresh woman,one who had never been married before,in fact he should have married a virgin.But we will see in this book that the Lord keeps him waiting for Ruth,a widow who had been married for ten years,and not only a widow,but a strange woman,a foreigner,a moabite woman.

What was so special about Ruth?

Was it because she sacrificed going back to her people and instead followed Naomi after her husband’s death?Was it the commitment to be with her mother in law?

Was it because she was a childless widow?

Was it something about her character?

How could she(a poor foreign woman) fall in love with one of the best men in Bethlehem,?Boaz was handsome,disciplined,god fearing and wealthy.

We will get answers to these questions and even more from this study as we start it on 10th September 2018.

We will also learn that today life may look like it has come to a tragic end,but maybe that’s not the end of our story.The best is yet to come.Through this study we will know  that God is the master plan of our lives.We will learn to never lose hope and to always trust in God.

When Boaz married Ruth,he redeemed her.He saved her from a life of misery,poverty,shame and instead put on her honor,glory,respect,dignity and purpose.In the same way we will see how this story relates to how Jesus Christ came to save the world and to give us a better life.

Here is our Bible reading plan


This week we will look at the background of Ruth.

There are many free resources and a journal(amazon) on the blog.

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Building Meaningful Relationships,

In Christ,


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