I am Sorry


I made a promise and I haven’t fulfilled it,that’s why I’m sorry,especially to those who had taken note and were looking forward to the discussion on sexual purity.

What Happened?

I had prepared well for it but I remembered another project which I had post poned for a long time.So I have been preparing a Bible study guide on the book of Ephesians which will be released soon.Meanwhile,I got new revelation on how to do “sexual purity” better.

I had two months break from the last bible study we had.I thought that I had so much time to pull everything together,but I was so wrong.I am very sorry.I will update you as soon as I’m ready.

We are starting the book of  2nd Samuel on 2nd April.We will be using this optional journal below.Please get it in time for the study.

These bible highlighters will be useful,please check them.

Building Meaningful Relationships,

In Christ,


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