Emmanuel,God with us.


Hello! I send you warm greetings after staying away from blogging for sometime.I hope you are growing better in the Lord.After the Rest And Release study,I literally went offline for sometime.Since I came back ,I have been a bit slow.

I am planning to come back fully from January 2018.Will you please join me as we start a daily Bible study on the book of Romans on 15th January 2018.I will be  active  daily on all the social media platforms and I hope to be sharing my reflections here at least once a week.

This year has been long for me yet  it has finally come to an end! There is a message that has dropped in my heart and I have felt that I need to share it this Christmas season, even as we end this year

I don’t know about you,but for me ,God has been with me.He has been with me through the good and bad,through the beautiful and ugly..He has been so faithful.The achievements and successes I have had are overwhelming.For Instance, when I look back,I am not how I was in Januay 2017.So much has changed.My bedroom has changed,wow!,to a better room.My country went through elections that was stained with bloodshed,and I kept asking God to be with us.I kept asking Him to have mercy on us.We still need God in my country,so so much.I thank God for preserving most of our lives,if it weren’t for His mercy,we would have perished as some of us did.

This Christmas season reminds me of the faithfulness of God.Jesus Christ’s birthday reminds me that He was born to be with us.

Mathew 1:23

“Behold,a virgin shall be with child,and shall bring forth a son,and they shall call his name Emmanuel,which being interpreted is,God with us.”

This is my favourite verse as we end this year and as we begin 2018.It gives me comfort and security that I can still depend on God’s faithfulness.


In this world of uncertainty,the only one that I can trust is God.He is the only one who will stick with me through thick  and thin.I can depend on his word which says that He will never leave me nor forsake me.Friends can leave me,my parents can forsake me,enemies might want to destroy me,but He will never leave me.Infact,He has promised that He will be with me always until the end of the world.

From Isaiah 43:2,I do not need to fear of what is in the future because;

When I pass through the waters,He will be with me

When I pass through the rivers,they shall not overflow me

When I walk through the fire,I shall not be burned;neither shall the flame scorch me

I surrender my life to God,and I ask Him to hold me.I ask Him to direct my footsteps.I ask Him not to let my foot to slip.Have mercy on me Lord.Be with me my Lord.

What about you?

Have you invited the Lord to be with you?

In what ways can you ensure that the Lord stays with you?

Is there anything hindering the Lord from being with you?If yes,ask God to remove that thing from your life.Repent and surrender your life to God.God loves you so much that is why He sent His only son,Jesus Christ,whom we are celebrating this season that if you believe in Him,you should not perish but have everlasting life.

I love the song in the video below by Reuben Kigame.It has been sang in my national language and has been translated to english.It is simply saying that God will not leave me.It talks about the faithfulness of God.

Merry Christmas!

Building Meaningful Relationships,

In Christ,


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