Happy new year!

This far I have come,the Lord is Ebenezer.

Last year as we closed the year with the book of Judges,I was working in a different place,little did I know what the Lord had stored for me.As at now,the Lord has changed my work place,the environment,my colleagues,my route to work and fro.I am amazed at how things can change suddenly in someones life.I give God all the glory and thank my Church and various friends and fellowships who have been praying and supporting me.

I am so delighted to start this year by studying the word of God.I urge all of us to take this opportunity,join us and let us be blessed all together.

Here is this season’s schedule:

January 1st – 7th                 Regrouping & New Leaders Group Opens

January 9 – February 20   Study the book of 1 Samuel, one chapter a day – Monday through Friday.

February 21 – March 12     Take a break.

March 13 – April 13              New study begins in the book of Luke,this will take us up to the Easter weekend.



Apart from studying one chapter a day.We will also have memory verses

and discussion questions.

This is going to be a very interesting study as we are going to cover these great stories,mostly of kings,prophets and leaders:

1.The birth of Samuel

We will see that Samuel was not an ordinary child because his mother Hannah got him after praying earnestly to God since she was barren.

2.Jonathan and David’s friendship.

We will see an extraordinary kind of loyalty and faithfulness.

3.David and Goliath

In this story,we will be able to see how and why  a young boy killed a giant.

4.The rise and fall of king Saul.

Since I joined Good Morning Girls(GMG),the Lord has helped me not only to study His word,but also to lead the Bible study in Kenya.I have walked by faith from the beginning up to now.Thanks to God,and the GMG support groups,I have learnt and developed a lot.Early last year I felt an urge to start the boys/men version,I also shared with our GMG leader Courtney Joseph,which she approved.I feel I am ready to start this now.I hope that by the end of this season Good Morning Guys Kenya will be up and running.

I also feel its time to start communicating in Kiswahili,which is our national language.Kiswahili is also used in East Africa,therefore we hope we will be able to reach more people.Actually,I should have started the local language from the beginning but as I said I was still learning the basics and I have been going one step at a time-almost like baby steps.

I will not erase English completely,instead I will reduce it a bit and put a bit of Kiswahili.It will be 50/50.

For this season,I have already prepared the memory verses in Kiswahili.Please,check out our page everyday for these verses, on the blog,I will be alternating the language on a weekly basis.

I feel led to do the boys/guys version in Kiswahili only.

Please give me feedback on the two matters  I wish to introduce.

I wish you a blessed time of  quiet time(QT)?  with the Lord.












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