We are already halfway through the book of Deuteronomy.If you have been walking along with us,that’s great!Keep it up!If you are new do not hesitate to start now and catch up during the weekends.

This past week has been quite emotional for many Kenyans.

Our former first lady,Her Excellency Lucy Kibaki passed on.


Tokeo la picha la lucy kibakiTokeo la picha la lucy kibakiTokeo la picha la lucy kibakiTokeo la picha la lucy kibaki


For many of us,she was the first first lady that we saw in office.

What I liked about her is that she knew who she was.Even when challenged with the presence of the ‘other woman’,she made sure that she was the one in the limelight!Instead of filing for divorce,she stayed put and fought for her marriage.

When asked to be humble like other first ladies,she asked,”why do you want me to behave like other first ladies,I am Lucy Kibaki,and I will not change.”She was a tough lady.

At 82years,Mama Lucy has lived a full life,may the Lord comfort her family and Kenyans at large.

We thank God for blessing us with rain.We are very sorry for those who have lost their loved ones through the recent heavy rains.

Our president led the nation in burning 105 tonnes of ivory worth $172 million,to show that we value our national heritage,the wild animals like rhinos and elephants.




”Ivory is worthless unless it is on our elephants.”     President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The next time you see an ivory item on sale,”DO NOT BUY”.That is the best way you can help us to protect our elephants.If you are in the business,please look for another trade.

Let us now go through five things that you should expect when you follow the Lord’s commandments.

You can find the ten commandments here,https://sisterwithvision.wordpress.com/2016/04/15/the-ten-commandments/




  • You will possess and occupy the land.

If you have enemies or rivals,don’t worry how you will get rid of them.The Lord will go ahead of you and drive them out.         Deuteronomy  11:8,23

  • You will live a long life.

You will live your full life,as given to you by the Lord.You will not die premature.You will see your grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.    Deuteronomy  11:9

  • You will have plenty of food.

The Lord will make sure that your household and livestock are well fed.

Deuteronomy 11:14

”I have been young, and now am old; Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, Nor his descendants begging bread.”        Psalm 37:25

  • You will be wealthy

You will have many riches such that you will lend but not borrow.From the Bible,we see how God blessed his faithful servants with great wealth.Examples are;Abraham and Job.       Deuteronomy 15:4

  • You will rule.

You will  be a leader.People will come to you to seek advice.You will be an example to others.You will be the first and not the last.           Deuteronomy 15:6

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You may use these journals.

For ladies,

For our sons,10-110yrs old

What measures have you taken to ensure that you follow the commandments?

Would like to hear your views about this topic in the comments below.



May the Lord richly bless you,







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