It is two weeks since we started the book of Mark,and we are almost done.If you had not started,please join us today,it is never too late!We still have six more chapters for next week.We have learnt so much but I just want to bring us to the knowledge that Jesus Christ is indeed the son of God.

Mark 1
In the beginning of Mark,we see God the father in heaven confirming to us that Jesus Christ is his son.
Mark 1:11
‘‘And a voice came from heaven :”You are my beloved son;with whom I am well pleased.’’
We find interesting scenarios in chapters three,and five,whereby unclean spirits recognized Jesus and confessed loudly that He is the son of God.
Mark 3:11
‘‘And the unclean spirits,whenever they saw Him,fell down before Him and cried out,saying,You are the Son of God.’’
Mark 5:6-7
‘‘But when he saw Jesus afar off,he ran and worshipped him. And cried with a loud voice,and said,What have I to do with you,Jesus,you Son of the most high God?I adjure you by God,that you torment me not.’’
If unclean spirits(belonging to satan),could recognize Jesus,and fall before him,how much more should we recognize him and worship him.As Christians,we should be the loudest, most keen and alert to recognize God.
We also find Jesus wanting to know what people thought he was.Jesus too was conscerned how people perceived him.He asked the disciples,in Mark 8:28,
‘‘Who do men say that I am?
And Peter answered,
‘‘You are the Christ.’’
Ironically,Jesus didn’t wan’t the word to spread that he was the saviour of mankind,but because of the powerful miracles he was doing,it was had for anyone to keep their mouth shut.
We find another interesting scene in chapter nine where Jesus was transfigured.Peter,James and John were with him up on the mountain.Jesus’s physical appearance changed and suddenly Elijah and Moses appeared,and the three started talking.
God’s voice was heard from heaven saying,
‘‘This is my beloved Son:hear him.’’
It was prophesied that the Christ would come from King David’s lineage.In chapter 10,we find a blind man,who recognized Jesus as the son of David.People discouraged him from calling Jesus,but he didn’t give up.He shouted louder until Jesus paid attention to him.And he got his eyesight back because of the faith he had in Jesus.
There are many more scriptures to prove that Jesus is indeed the Son of God.Please share with us some of them in the comments below.
God bless you.


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