This week we have been studying Numbers 31-35,and we are finishing this season’s study on 14th Dec.with Numbers 36.We will take a break for the Christmas season until December 28th,when we will have regrouping until January.If you would like to join our group  please keep in touch.

We will be studying the book of Job from January 4th-February 26th.We will then take a one week break . We will study the gospel of Mark to prepare our hearts for Easter from March 7th-March 29th.

I managed to finish an undergraduate course that I have been doing since the year 2001.I thank the Lord,that I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce,Marketing option,last week on 4th Dec.Though it took me long to finish,4th Dec,was a beautiful day.Praise the Lord!I am writing a book to try to answer all the questions:like,what happened? I will keep you informed on the progress of the book.

I have a few photos from my graduation day to share with you.Then we will look at this week’s lesson.

4th the morning before the graduation ceremony began.


With my parents,Mr & Mrs Moses and Marie Olale


With my grandpa,Mr.Otieno Nundu,maternal.


With my brother, Fred and my friend, Stella Onyango.


With my brother,Seth.


With my brother,Bill.


With my dad and sister Wendy.


With my cheerful aunty Perez.


And Uncle Odundo.


With my friend,Mary Waithira.


With my friend Doreen Karimi.


Let the name of the Lord be praised!

While going through our study this week,I was impressed by how God guided his people to the land and set boundaries for his children,the Israelites.

First the land that was promised to the Israelites was Canaan.The Israelite’s were to go and attack the inhabitants,defeat and destroy them and then occupy their land.Then God put boundaries to this land.

Numbers 34

There was the;

Southern side border;from the wilderness of Zin to the river of Egypt and the sea.

Western border;The Great Sea

North border;Mount Hor

East border;The Salt Sea

But we discover that some children decided to set their own boundaries !

Numbers 32

The Reubenites and Gadites saw some land which they thought was better for them and their livestock.They decided to settle in this land and did not want what God had set aside for them.

They decided to choose their land and set their own boundaries.Question is,what type of person are you?


Have you allowed the Lord to guide you through his word,or have you decided to follow your own ways?

As a christian do you have rules that guide your life?If yes are you following them?

I have been trying to set my boundaries.For example,when a married man is interested in me,I can’t give them a chance.That is a boundary that I cannot cross.It is a no gone zone.Why?Because God says it is sinful to fornicate,God says we should keep the marriage bed pure.These are the boundaries the Lord has set for us regarding Sex and Marriage.

Let us follow God’s rules and ways so that we can benefit,but if we choose our own ways,we will lose what God has kept for us.



This post is part of  the Good Morning Girls Blogging Through the Bible  Series.





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