ACTS 1-5Good Morning Girls In Kenya!Welcome to the 3rd and last season for this year’s reading through the Bible with Good Morning Girls.I am so glad that you are joining us!

Here is this season’s schedule,

August 31st-September 30th


September 7th-October 14th

The book of Acts,One chapter a day.

October 15th-25th


October 26th-December 14th

The book of Numbers,One chapter a day.

Here is this week’s reading plan.


Here are this week’s discussion questions.

11954585_1059135847443535_8176792115579806449_n11902242_1059135854110201_6267359780944948413_n11953203_1059135857443534_1501144503159254842_n11222572_1059136130776840_1397849415281238201_nacts 5

Here are these week’s daily memory verses,


Every Monday,here on the blog,I will provide resources including the weekly Bible Reading Plan,Meditation and Memory verses,daily Reflection and Discussion Questions.

Every Friday,here on the blog,we will fellowship surrounding the reading for the week.

Where else?

Every weekday I invite you to join us every weekday morning 

 at 7.45am on facebook to discuss the day”s reading assighnment.

Join us here,

You can also join our facebook group here, Morning Girls In Kenya

This is such great accountability!

Walk with the King!



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