What mouth,lips and tongue can do.

emoticon-25532_1280Hallo girls!Have you enjoyed reading Proverbs 16-20?Well,It is so loaded.We are going to see what it is saying about how we should use our mouth,tongue and lips.

In Proverbs 16:23,we are told that,”A wise man’s heart guides his mouth,and his lips promote instruction.”

A wise man or woman is one who has knowledge.It is a person who is able to determine the end result of their words.

We can guide our mouth by being honest.In Proverbs 16:13,we see that,”Kings take pleasure in honest lips;they value a man who speaks the truth.”

We can also guide our mouth by saying pleasant words to people around us,Proverbs 21&24,which say that,”pleasant words promote instruction,they are sweet to the soul and  bring healing to the bones.”

We can also guide our mouth by controlling what we say and understanding things easily.In Proverbs 17:27,we see that ,”A man of knowledge uses words with restraint,and a man of understanding is even tempered.”

We also see that our mouth produces fruit that fills our stomach,and our lips produce a harvest.Proverbs 18:20 Are you aware that your mouth is fruitful,and you can expect a harvest out of every word you say?

We can guide our mouth by using our tongue to produce life.Let us speak life into our families,marriages,businesses,nations,farms,etc.

Let us determine to use our lips to speak knowledge,Proverbs 20:15,because such lips are so precious,more precious than gold or rubies.

On the contrary,when a person does not guide their mouth,

They become gossipers,Proverbs 16:28

Their deceitful tongue lands them in trouble,Proverbs 17:20

Their mouth invites a beating,Some people are beaten simply because they are rude.

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This is such great accountability!

Walk with the King!


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