forum-27450_1280 1This week we are answering the discussion questions from Proverbs 11-15.The intention of doing this is to help us to go back to the word and read it again and again as we try to answer the questions hence helping us to understand the word better.

Here,I’ll be sharing my answers and experiences.Please feel free to contribute your answers too.

11046376_445277778956039_6634166922779141745_n-1,,27We can pursue righteous living by being honest.In verse 1,we see that the Lord hates dishonest scales.So we need to practice giving accurate measures.Let us not be tempted to increase the measures for our own gain,this displeases the Lord.Let us be honest and accurate in all spheres of our lives.

11046376_445277778956039_6634166922779141745_n-1,,28I chose to listen to someone elses advice when I was living alone.I had moved out of our home,and decided to move and rent my house.I started facing some challenges.One time  a young man wanted  to visit me in my house.I thought it would be a normal visit whereby one visits and goes back to their home.Unfortunately,this man didn’t want to go back to his house.I had to devise some way of removing him,so I pretended that my mum was calling me urgently,so I had to go right away.That’s how I managed to get him out that evening.The story doesn’t end here.This man continued coming to visit me until now it became a bother,because he never wanted to go back to his house.There is a lady in my Church who summoned me and told me to go back home.Instead of going back home,I moved to another house in a different area.I even stopped befriending this guy.Much time passed,and whenever I met my mentor in Church,she would still advice me to go back home.There was also another man at my work place who didn’t like the idea of me staying alone.Although by this time I was staying with my younger brother.One day,I went to visit my parents,home was so warm and we were having a nice time.My dad suggested lightly,”Stella,why don’t you come back home instead of being lonely in your house.”I just smiled back at him but didn’t say anything.However,I took him seriously.My mum was surprised to see me back home the next month.

11046376_445277778956039_6634166922779141745_n-1,,29I am receiving honor now by leading a decent and accountable life.The lady in my Church appreciates that I listened to her advice

and she respects me now.

11046376_445277778956039_6634166922779141745_n-1,,30I normally don’t put off anyone when they are telling me something.I listen to what they are saying and take my time before acting on what they have suggested.Meanwhile,I check what they are saying against God’s word.If what they are suggesting is aligned to God’s word,I act on it,otherwise I don’t act.

11046376_445277778956039_6634166922779141745_n-1,,31The word of God says,”out of the abundance of the heart,the mouth speaketh.”I read the Bible everyday to ensure that I have a lot of it in my heart.Hence I am able to bring forth a lot of the word when I am speaking.I speak life to people because the word of God is life,when you speak it,it changes the situation.It also heals the body.It is also the light,it brightens the situation.It is also the way.It gives you direction on which path to follow.

I would like to read your answers to the above questions.Feel free to share,and this week as we read Proverbs 16-20,ensure that you answer the discussion questions.You can ask a friend to help you answer them.I will be answering them here on the blog every 1st Friday.

I have a video for you here,please listen to it,I hope you will be blessed.

Please,watch it on our facebookpage here,,

You can also join our facebook group here, Morning Girls In Kenya

This is such great accountability!

Walk with the King!


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