Hallo Ladies,this week we have been studying Proverbs 6-10.In chapter 9:6b,we are told to walk in the way of understanding..A person who has wisdom walks in the way of understanding,but one who lacks wisdom is described as one who lacks judgment hence called a fool.

To lack judgment means that one is not able to make the right decisions,not able to discern,not able to determine the end result,not able to make sound judgment.This is a person who does things without considering the outcome.They are easily swayed,they do what their friends tell them without thinking twice.

Lacking judgment leads us to sin.E.g,we see the young man in Proverbs 7:7 lacked judgment.He followed a path that led to an adultresse’s house.When he reached there we see that he finally died.He should have chosen a different path that led to life.This is an that shows that we should choose the path we follow wisely,because it can lead either to life or death.In my life I come across such challenges many times.Recently I was dating  a young man.The weather was very cold and he attempted to invite me several times to his house to go and warm his bed.I told him going there would tempt us to fornicate hence sin,the result would be a spiritual death in my life.So  I chose not to follow his path and now I’m so alive spiritually,I thank God.Yesterday,I also met a man who is married,is a Christian,sings in the choir,and he has always wanted to have an affair with me.So yesterday,he tried again to convince me to be his 2nd wife.I quoted for him the passage that says,”what God has put together,let no man separate.”I also told him that as the head and leader of his family,he has the ability to direct his family to a good life.I chose not to follow his path,because it would have brought shame,dissapointment and death to my spiritual life.Its better to be single but following a path that gives you life,and eventually leads you to eternal life.

We see that lacking judgment causes destruction in our lives,eg in Proverbs 6:32,it makes us fools,it brings us punishment eg.Proverbs10:13,and causes death Proverbs 10:21.

Let us choose to walk in the way of understanding by attaining wisdom,following instructions and eventually having and enjoying a good life.

I have a video for you here,please listen to it,I hope you will be blessed.

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This is such great accountability!

Walk with the King!


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