cup-166778_1280Welcome back after the short break.

This week we study the book of 1Peter.It was written by Simon Peter,one of Jesus first disciples.Before he was called by Jesus,he was a normal fisherman.His brother,Andrew was also a disciple of Jesus.He was very close to Jesus,and was present during Jesus transfiguration.He loved Jesus very much,yet he denied Jesus three times when Jesus was in trouble.

After Jesus’s ascention,he later became a great evangelist,preaching the gospel fearlessly.He later on died a matyrs death,by being crucified upside down.

Let us gain wisdom from this humble servant and apostle.

Here is this week’s Bible reading plan.


This week group discussion(personal reflection)questons.

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This week’s meditation &

memorization verse.


More details:

Every Monday,here on the blog,I will provide resources including the weekly Bible Reading Plan,Meditation and Memory verses,daily Reflection and Discussion Questions.

Every Friday,here on the blog,we will fellowship surrounding the reading for the week.

Where else?

Every weekday I invite you to join us every weekday morning                     

at 7.45am on facebook to discuss the day”s reading assighnment.

Join us here,

You can also join our facebook group here, Morning Girls In Kenya

This is such great accountability!

How to study.

We are reading one chapter a day.

Here,we suggest three ways;

1.You can read through the chapter,at a reasonable pace,while reading,try to understand what the passage is all about.

2.You can read through the chapter,while highlighting with markers,pens,the verses that stand out to you more.I will be introducing our Bible Colouring Chart soon!

3.You can make notes after doing the above .

Here,we recommend the,SOAK METHOD.

S, is   scripture.You can pick two or three scriptures that stood out to you and then you note them down.

O,is   observation.You write down what you have observed from the scriptures noted above.

A,is    application.You write down how you are going to apply what you have learnt in your life.

p,is    prayer.You pray the scripture to manifest in your life.

I am looking forwad to see you again on Friday to discuss our week of reading!Till then,

Walk with the King!


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